I shoot what I refer to as the 4Ps, that’s People, including corporate portraits and working environments. Property and Places which covers architectural exteriors and interiors, show homes, hotels, restaurants, holiday resorts, leisure and travel also industry, landscape and cities. Most importantly Products which is still life, food and drink all exclusively on location.

Having previously worked on large format film cameras I now offer a fully digital service using specialist lenses and lighting.

I work for graphic design studios, advertising agencies and most importantly directly for large and small companies.  I have worked for some of the world’s largest companies, also for the smallest of one person start-ups, for me size is not an issue, I become part of your creative team and for many  small companies I am the creative team.

I have extensive experience working in all types of environments from the boardroom to the factory floor and out in the field. I also have considerable expertise travelling locally, nationally, and internationally to shoot all kinds of subjects. I have worked all over the U.K. and Ireland and most west European countries also the USA, Russia, Australia, South Africa and Turkey. Regardless of what, or where you manufacture, sell, or operate, I can get there and get the job done.

Advertising photography is about selling product, my first and only aim as an advertising photographer is to sell your product.
I become an integral part of your sales and marketing effort.

Your success is also my success.

London Skyline Panorama